A haven of history and wildlife      	CLARE CASTLE COUNTRY PARK    Suffolk's most diverse Country Park


Various events are held in the Park throughout the year.  These cover a range of activities; ranging from small organised activities for young children (e.g. pond dipping, making bird-boxes etc) to large events that provide entertainment while at the same time raising money for the Park and other Clare Town organisations.

In order to protect the wildlife and preserve the peaceful nature of the Park for those who come to enjoy its tranquil nature, the Trustees have agreed that for general guidance purposes the larger events

1. should be held mainly in the Outer Bailey

2. there should be no more than 10 such events each year

3. those wishing to run an event in the Park should make contact with the Trustees at the earliest possible time to ensure the event will not clash with other plans and will be available for them.

The Trustees would like to work with other groups in the town and are happy to discuss activities that could take place in the Park.

1863 The first sod for the Railway is cut