The Park has benefited from generous gifts of trees and benches and the Trust is very happy to continue accepting them. The trustees believe it is important to maintain the quality of the natural landscape and we hope those wishing to make a gift will be willing to observe the following:

  • the Park is a country park and not a memorial garden which means that discrete plaques approved by the Trust are perfectly acceptable but flowers and other messages are not appropriate.
  • due to its relatively short history (first established in the 1970s) the Park has relatively few mature native trees. The trustees are developing a plan whereby in 100 years the Park will have an impressive range of such trees in appropriate places. Any trees donated therefore need to be of a species, and planted in a location, that is part of this long term plan. This means that trees need to be selected from a limited number of, primarily, native trees (e.g. oak, beech, hornbeam, alder yew and birch). A number of different locations have been identified which means the donors will have a choice of where a tree can be planted as well as the specie.
  • as the Park is a country park and not a town park the style and location of new benches is important and need to be agreed with the Trust.