Heritage Lottery Fund Project Update

This is an outline of our HLF Delivery Phase application. We have had invaluable help from specialist advisors in all areas.

We put forward a number of ideas at the various ‘consultation events’ carried out in the summer. Our current grant application contains some changes to those ideas; we have therefore also included the reasons for the major ones. These changes are a result of two main factors:

  • The need to meet the HLF funding limit (£1,500,000)
  • The feedback we had from the consultation process

The consultation process included:

  • face-to-face meetings with individuals
  • group meetings with a wide range of organisations (both within Clare and further afield)
  • surveys

This helped identify those matters which people felt to be particularly important. We also had to take account of what the HLF would consider to be appropriate for a ‘heritage’ project. We have had to cut back on some of the original plans. However we will be looking at ways we can still carry out most of them at a later date.

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