In July 2016 an application was made for an HLF grant. This was to fund the following improvements:

  • Renovation of the old Goods Shed (the Clare Park Centre) to better reflect its railway heritage, provide better facilities for a range of different activities and was a more welcoming entrance to the Park
  • Renovation of the station platforms
  • De-silt the moat and ponds to improve the habitat and make them more visually attractive
  • Improve the ‘interpretation’ throughout the site so that people had a better understanding of the history of the site and of how Clare had developed over the centuries
  • Provide recreational and learning activities or all ages and abilities
  • Link the Park more closely with the Town.

In November 2016 a Development Grant of c £200,000 was awarded. This enabled architects, surveyors, ecologists and other specialist consultants to be employed who would work with the Trustees to develop detailed, and costed, plans for the improvements listed above.

In January 2017 a Project Manager was appointed (funded from the HLF grant) and other consultants were appointed in the following months. The aim is to have the detailed plans that are needed for an HLF Delivery Grant application completed in October in order to make the application in November 2017. The application will be for a grant of c£1,500,000 that will enable much, but probably not all, of the work originally envisaged.