March Newsletter

Heritage Lottery Fund project.  The public meeting on 21st February in the Clare Park Centre, at which the latest details of the HLF project were presented, was packed.  There was substantial support from those who were there. The HLF decision on our £1,500,00 grant application will be known by 31st March.

One of the matters which raised most questions was the de-silting of the moat with the surplus material being deposited in the Outer Bailey.  During a period of about 6 months the Outer Bailey (but not the playground) will be fenced off.  It will then return to the normal grass area (albeit about 150mm higher).  Moving the silt off site would cost several times the cost of the de-silting work itself.

Website.  Our new website ( provides a range of information.  For those who have concerns about the tree felling that takes place periodically there is a section on the website that sets out when trees need to be felled.  It also sets out the steps we have to go through, and the approvals we have to get, before trees can be felled.

School Visits.  It is good to know that more schools are interested in visiting the Park.  Cavendish Primary School are coming on 22nd March and a primary school in Essex has expressed interest in a visit.

Feeding ducks and other bird.  Bread is not good for birds.  Notices to that effect are shortly to be displayed in the park in the most popular duck feeding areas.  Suitable food can be bought from Platform One café and the Antiques Centre.

Building maintenance.   We are looking for a volunteer to ‘manage’ the maintenance of the buildings in the park.  The person is not required to carry out the maintenance themselves but to identify what is needed and then arrange for it to be done by a contractor.


Geoffrey Bray. 

Tel:                         01787 277731.



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