Newsletter – August 2018

Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) project

We have appointed Rachel Steward as the full-time Volunteer and Community Engagement Manager for 2½ years.  (Rachel has extensive experience of working with the Essex Wildlife Trust and schools).  We have also appointed Wendy Reed as the part-time Administrator for 2½ years. (Wendy is one of our ‘green space’ volunteers whose experience most closely matched our requirements).  Rachel and Wendy will start on 3rd September.  All their salaries etc are funded by the HLF.

Managing the Park

The prolonged dry spell resulted in 400 dead fish having to be removed from Pond 3 by the Environment Agency.  The condition of the ponds has also been causing problems with other wildlife.  We do not believe we could have done anything that was realistically practical to prevent these sad results.  However we continuously review how we do things and these regrettable events will be the subject of a specific review with outside specialists.  It should be understood that the Trustees manage the ecology for the good of the wildlife but do not ‘manage the wildlife’.  Individuals should contact direct the RSPB or the RSPCA if they are concerned about individual wildlife problems.  Nature can be cruel and fighting its harmful effects is often not a practical or advisable option.

Working Parties

A Morman church group from Cambridge of around 40 (half adults, half children) spent 2 hours on 11th August carrying out some very useful work in the park, before having a picnic and children’s games.  We are most grateful for all they did and they were great to work with.

Fun Fair.  The funfair from 3rd to 5th August seemed to be popular. Those who ran the funfair are keen to come back. It would be good to hear whether or not you would like them to come back. Please contact me.

Geoffrey Bray – Tel: 01787 277731. Email: