Opening of new ‘Lady Walk Steps’

With the support of Park Trustees and volunteers, Councillor Mary Evans formally opened the Lady Walk steps on Friday 9th November. The new steps have been constructed at a different angle to the original ones so that visitors can get an enhanced view of the motte with the moat below.

For the past 1000 years, the Medieval motte and keep of Clare Castle has been visible on the skyline of Clare. For visitors to Clare Castle Country Park today, access to this well-known view has been significantly improved with the re-alignment of steps known as the ‘Lady Walk Steps’.

Planning permission and scheduled monument consent was granted for the renewal and re-alignment of the steps on part of the Castle earthworks within Clare Castle Country Park. The ‘Lady Walk’ begins by the side of the moat on Station Road and the steps take visitors up onto a substantial enclosure bank which separates the inner and outer bailey areas.

‘The re-alignment of the new steps not only improves the view for visitors but was necessary as the lower section of the existing steps had become unsafe,’ says James Mellish, Project Manager at Clare Castle Country Park, ‘Years of decay and wear meant that they were no longer open to the public. The repositioning of the new steps has been done sensitively so the construction will reduce the impact on this important part of the earthwork.’

The new section of the steps is approximately 15 metres long and the structure has been raised above the ground surface. Suspended on eight pairs of posts, the steps also have a supporting handrail.
Trustees hope that the new Lady Walk Steps will provide visitors to the Park with an enhanced view for many years to come.