In March 2015 the freehold of the Park, (all the land and buildings) was transferred from Suffolk County Council to Clare Town Council. At the same time the Town Council entered into a 30 year lease with Clare Castle Country Park Trust CIO for the latter to manage the Park. The Town Council will own the land and buildings, but has delegated the running of the Park, by means of a 30 year lease and ‘Management Agreement’, to an independent Charitable Trust.


The running of the Park is the sole responsibility of the Trustees. The constitution of the Trust sets out that there must be a minimum of three Trustees but in practice there are currently eight, four of whom are appointed/re-elected every two year. Trustees are appointed in a variety of ways – by the Town Council, the Trustees themselves, a combination of the Town Council and Trustees and by those defined as Supporters. ‘Supporters’ are volunteers and those who make a financial contribution as Friends or Patrons. ‘Friends & Patrons’
The Trust has a comprehensive Business Plan that is updated annually, and produces quarterly accounts. The Trustees meet regularly to review progress and discuss future plans and proposals. Regular reports are provided to the Town Council and the community and an annual public meeting is held to report on the past year and plans for the future.