A haven of history and wildlife      	CLARE CASTLE COUNTRY PARK    Suffolk's most diverse Country Park

Clare Castle Country Park will develop strong links with the schools and colleges in Clare and the surrounding area encompassing both sides of the county boundary, based on both the historical and heritage aspects of the Castle, and the Park's impressive array of flora and fauna.  The Education Centre will provide flexible interior space for talks, exhibitions and posters, and the starting point of activities based on the 32.6 acres of the Park, which lies alongside the River Stour. Clare has a newly established Forest School which has begun using the Park for Clare Primary school pupils, and Stour Valley Community School follows on with the programme of the former Clare Middle School in its Community Days when the pupils assist with clearing brush and other needs of the Park. Stour Valley pupils have been encouraged to take part in the 2013 archaeological digs in the Castle's inner bailey, led by Dr. Carenza Lewis of Access Cambridge Archaeology, and this will continue to be the case for the future continuation digs that are intended. The findings of these digs will be fully explained in the Education Centre, where some of the artefacts unearthed will be on display so that pupils can learn from them even when the digs themselves are not in progress.

The Park will join the recently established Stour Valley Education Network (SVEN), which encourages schools to visit historical and especially natural history venues, by means of publicity leaflets and conferences for teachers where venues can present their information.

A series of natural history walks and other activities were developed by the previous Park Ranger. Educational sessions on such subjects as moths, bats, trees, flowers, bug and ‘minibeasts’ were very popular and will be reviewed, extended and new themes added.

Schools and Colleges