Become a Volunteer

Voluntary work at Clare Castle Country Park

Some of our recent volunteers

To run and improve the Park we need the help of volunteers to carry out a wide range of different activities. If you are willing to give up some of your time there is almost certainly something you can do that will be of real help and of interest to you. Some things are done at specific times with other people (a chance to meet those with similar interests) while others can be done on one’s own at times of your own choosing. For example:

  • Helping to maintain the Park. There are tasks for most capabilities. These range from light ones (e.g. cutting back small branches to keep paths clear) to more heavy ones (e.g. such as clearing scrub)
  • Acting as one of the Volunteer Rangers. This involves going round the Park a few times a week every few months to report on anything the Ranger thinks should be brought to the attention of the Trustees
  • Organising, or helping to run, events. These can be regular events (e.g. ‘Park Run’) or less frequent ones (e.g. ‘Pond dipping’, Bioblitz, walks)
  • Carrying out research into the history of Clare to make those who visit the Park and Town have a more interesting experience
  • Acting as a guide for short Historical or Environmental tours
  • Making sure the ecological aspects of the Park are protected and developed and are used to widen the general understanding of them
  • Keeping the communications up-to-date and relevant. This could involve the. website, social media and other types of communication
  • Promoting the Park and liaising with other groups in Clare who are working to make Clare a more attractive destination for visitors

We make considerable efforts to ensure people are only involved in the things they are willing to do and are not pressurised to do more than they are able to fit easily into their own lives. To help us to achieve this we do ask volunteers to complete a simple form which gives us this information (Click Here for a form). Volunteers are able to take part in the selection of a two of the Trustees.