The Park is the Clare Castle Country Park, its land area and buildings on the site.

The Trust is the Clare Castle Country Park Trust, the governing body of the Park.

West Suffolk refers to the combined district councils of St Edmundsbury and Forest Heath whose Leisure & Cultural Operations department is the appointed service provider to the Trust for the services set out in the Service Level Agreement.

Volunteers are all those who carry out work in the Park for no remuneration.

Professionals are contractors, or any individuals who are employed. The Trust is committed to pursuing excellence in everything it does and this includes the management of health and safety of events, activities and day-to-day usage of the Park by members of the public within Clare Castle Country Park (CCCP). The responsibility for health and safety in the Park is shared with West Suffolk with regards to outdoor areas of the Park; all indoor areas are the responsibility of the Trust apart from the leased properties which are the responsibility of the tenants. West Suffolk lead on health and safety in matters pertaining to the Park, other than the ‘built structures’; the Trust will take reasonable steps to ensure West Suffolk fulfil their responsibilities satisfactorily.

General Principles

  • The Trust is committed to ensuring health and safety is given a high priority in order that visitors and those working in the Park, whether volunteers, employees or external contractors and suppliers, are exposed to the minimum risk that is reasonably practical.
  • The Trust expects volunteers, employees and external contractors and suppliers to share this commitment by complying with this Health and Safety Policy.

It is the Trust’s stated intention to

  • promote a positive health and safety culture within the Trust and educate our volunteers in health and safety issues; this can include formally training and accreditation to an IOSH standards;
  • periodically review and develop the safety management systems, with the overarching aim of conducting our activities in a manner which does not compromise the health and safety of any members of the public, volunteers, employees or any other persons using the Park.

The Trustees will review this policy annually at a formal Trustee meeting.